Saturday, November 13, 2010

Excerpts from the Book

First, thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered a book.  So far we have sold 10 copies.  Here is an excerpt from the book to give you a feel of what the book is like.  I hope you enjoy.

"What is it with kids running around naked? I no longer understand, because I’m not a kid, and I no longer run around naked. I got invited to take a walk with some children from the foster home one day and was thrilled to go. I love the kids, and they are always fun to be with. When we returned an hour later, we ate snacks, played on the jungle gym, and proceeded inside. That’s where things got naked … I mean crazy.
From the playroom, the children went outside through a sliding door to a small play area, which was soaked due to rain the night before. I was left in the room with five boys, who of course wanted to go outside. I said no close to one hundred times. (I technically said no in Chinese. Trust me they understand Chinese.) But trying to man the doors and the children became impossible, and the boys found a way to escape.
I went looking for help, but the nannies, who don’t speak English, just laughed and told me to go back. They found this very amusing. I went outside to find the boys rolling around in puddles. They threw water, wrestled, and kicked water toward me. However, because of what I knew would happen next, I didn’t allow myself to get wet.
The nannies came outside and helped the boys put on dry clothes. I didn’t play because I knew they had nothing in my size, and I’m a little shy about other people changing me in public.  So there before me stood five little boys—naked, wet, and loving it."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Buy the Book!

The book is almost finished and will be ready for distribution shortly.  For your information it is being published by Wine Press Publishing.  The book can be bought directly from this website.  It will also be available to buy at major events in the U.S.  I will let you know which ones.  Please remember that all of the author's proceeds, about 60% of the cost of the book, are going directly to a family who is adopting an orphan.  I hope you buy one for yourself, and maybe one for a friend.  Thank you for bringing an orphan into a loving home.  To buy the book click the "Buy Now" button on the bottom of the page and follow the directions using Pay Pal.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Book Launch

For all of you who do not know me, Hi. My name is Caleb Phillips. I spent six months working for a business in China. But his was no ordinary business. This business helped run an orphanage, community development project, and a language school. I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of the people I met there, I too wanted to be generous. My book, that will be coming available to buy in the next few months is about the orphans I met in China and their stories. And the best part about this book, is that it will benefit orphans. All of the proceeds from this book are going to benefit orphans in the world. First and foremost, the money will be given to a family I know personally who is working overseas in orphanages and in the process of adopting a child. To be clear: I am not taking any money for this book in any way. So that I can keep costs down I am self publishing with Wine Press publishing. Also, to keep costs down I am personally selling all the books in person or through this blog. No publisher, author, or anyone else will make money on the royalties of this book, only orphans. Soon there will be a way on this website where you can buy the book directly through me using Paypal. Please spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers, and strangers about how they can practically give back and make a difference in the lives of orphans. And, get a book. I will keep you updated on the book's progress and launch date. But for now, thanks for listening.