Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Books Are In!

So I am in possession of my books.  I will be mailing them out to anyone who has bought them over the next few weeks.  If you want to buy one, or 200, I have created a new way to buy.  If you click on the "Buy Now" button you will pay the standard 12 dollars for each book, plush shipping and handling.  If you would like to give more money, like 50 dollars for each book, you can.  Just click on the "Donate" button and type an amount in.  After giving filling out the information make comments to me as to how many books you want.  You can do that in Pay Pal or make a comment on the blog as to who you are, that you have paid, and how many books you would like.  The more money you give the more money the family will receive.  Remember that shipping and handling will factor into your purchase.  So you have to pay at least $16.50 for each book to cover book costs and shipping and handling.  If you do not, I will not give you a book.  But I will email you and tell you how to give more.  Thanks so much for the blessings you have shared.